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Hurt on the job

Welcome to ArticlesAboutWorkersCompensation.com your complete source for articles about all facets of workman's compensation insurance coverage. Here you will find articles prepared and posted about workers compensation topics of interest to employers, employees, insurance companies, insurance agents and other workers compensation professionals. As you scroll through the article list you will find specific information about workers compensation coverage, workers compensation rating, who needs workers compensation, experience modification factors, classification codes along with information on claims and also how to save money.

Need help with a workers compensation problem? You'll find answers here about overcharged premiums, errors on workers compensation audits, mistakes in work comp classifications, claims, state regulations, and experience mods.

Businessowners and business entrepreneurs alike will find our articles of interest. We will show you ways to save premium and reduce or manage your workers compensation insurance cost.

This site brought to you by WorkCompConsultants.com, an independent workers compensation consulting firm dedicated to helping employers prevent and resovle work comp issues.

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